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Ce Ce Ferrari

Ce Ce Ferrari

When Ce Ce Ferrari enters a room heads move like they’re doing a human head wave. Bold, unique and brilliant are just a few words to describe this dynamic woman. She was raised in Miami, Florida. She left the sunshine state in 1990 and headed for the glitz of Los Angeles California. She now resides in Southern California.

At 17 she married her first puppy love and four months later she was pregnant. She thought getting married would give her more freedom than living with her fanatic Jehovah’s Witness mother. Being a teen mom added confusion and responsibility to her life because she married a man who was an irresponsible dead beat dad.

With no child support from the father of her son she sought out ways to make money to care for herself and her child. She became a Police Officer for Miami Metro Dade Police Department and worked patrol and vice.

Wearing the silver badge and toting a gun didn’t whet her appetite so she went to broadcasting school and became a radio personality. She worked for Miami radio stations Hot 105, Power 96 and Y-100. She later became a radio personality for FM-92 in Los Angeles, California.

After getting too comfortable with receiving pink slips from radio stations Ce Ce became a Flight Attendant for a major airline.

Along with flying she is a writer/author, psychic, spiritual healer/teacher. In her family lineage there were many gifted psychic, healers and mediums. As a result it took little effort for her to awaken her spiritual gifts.
At a young age she was aware of her psychic abilities and she was often scolded for knowing things a child shouldn’t know. Her raw, uncensored style of doing readings put her in a league of her own. Ce Ce is able to see who or what’s in the way of an individual living their divine self. Often organized religion and family members are the main culprits that are prohibiting people from love, health, success and happiness. She is a true transformational healer.

She is a captivating public speaker and her words help people shift from their old selves because her words match her action. She speaks from her heart and gut. Her balls to tell stories about her own darkness and her confidence to celebrate her light makes others feel comfortable about expressing their own light and darkness.

When one makes a marriage of their light and dark selves they can become whole. Ce Ce believes there’s much power, growth and transformation in our dark selves which is also known as our shadow selves. In our need to be ‘good’ we deny that part of ourselves we think is ‘bad.’

She says our shadow self is our best friend. When we hug our shadows out of love for showing us truth our light becomes blinding and piercing.

“Buy Your Own Damn Cocktail,” a memoir about her journey from a gun toting, mafia loving, gold digger to a divine healer is her first book to be released.


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