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mystical3I am able to do remote healings and readings by using my mediumship, clairsentient, clairaudience and clairvoyant abilities. I am beyond the typical psychic who makes predictions. Yes, I can make predictions however my focus is on helping humans transform and evolve beyond our old way of being which is a result of our moldy belief system. It’s common for my students and people I do readings for, to awaken or strengthen their psychic abilities as a result of being connected to my vibration.  I vibrate on a high frequency because I am a vessel of my truths and I only tell you what I see. I work effectively with one’s emotional body to create the necessary healing.

We have an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body yet getting help for our emotional and mental bodies is still seen as a weakness in our society. The strong man/woman recognizes they need help and aren’t afraid of what low vibrating people may think of them.

mysticalSome say I use the club effect like Judge Judy and Dr. Phil. A friend told me this approach doesn’t help everyone. I agree with him because I feel this approach or any approach works when one is ready to leave Victims-ville. My approach cuts through the bull crap and zooms in on the childish, immature emotional needs the adult is still seeking from others. The emotionally immature adult needs to come home….to the self.

Men and women have psychological debris however I feel women have more emotional junk because they choose to carry what their religion, society, culture and families have told them how they should think and be. I am not interested in doing readings for people who’s mission in life is to find their soul mate. I am interested in doing readings for brave souls who are ready to have a romance with themselves. This way you’ll have a happy existence with or without a mate.

mystical2Show me an unhappy person and I’ll show you why that person is miserable. Number one, unhappy people don’t like themselves. Unhappy people lack gratitude and appreciation. I have seen major positive shifts in my life and others lives because we simply wrote a list of ten things a day we’re thankful for. This technique is magical! It forces you to look at what you have as opposed to what you don’t have. Homeless people and people in third world countries can choose to see things in their lives they are grateful for too.

If you are a brave soul who’s looking for answers to help you “grow up” emotionally and be the driver in the seat of your own life then I am the Mystical Reader for you. I enjoy doing readings for people who are able to see the gifts in our so called downward economy and are ready and willing to make the necessary changes to create the life they want.

Remember, you must be love to give love. There’s a whole lot of talk about love on our planet however few are living from a space of inner love.

Regardless of the amount of money someone is willing to offer me, I am picky about who I choose to do readings for. I choose to do readings for souls who are ready to ‘just do it.’  Victims need not apply.

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