Trump Divine Intervention weaves spirituality into politics to show how we have the perfect presidential candidates for our necessary growth
and transformation. We’re all guilty of being hypocrites, liars and racists as we bash Hilary and Trump as the villains. Ce Ce Ferrari highlights
biases from both democrats and republicans. We aren’t in trouble because of who may become president we’rein trouble because of who
we the people are collectively.

Trump and Hilary are simply mirrors of who we the people are. Change isn’t always pretty however we get what we need. Has the bombastic
Trump been divinely selected to force us to make necessary changes?
Gold Nuggets from Trump…Divine Intervention or Not?
-Learn how to discuss politics and any subject like an emotionally mature adult without anger and the need to be right by admitting your own
-Recognize all politicians are pimps and learn to see the wolf in sheep clothing
-Learn to enjoy politics in a fun and entertaining way so you don’t have to unfriend your friends on facebook
-Gain awareness of the damage illegal immigration has caused poor inner cities
-Get a former black cop’s perspective on how Black Lives Matter have harmed Black communities
Praise For Trump…Divine Intervention or Not?

“Ce Ce’s thoughts on illegal immigration are vital for immigration reform.” -Dormeka Pearce

“Ce Ce Ferrari speaks from the heart. Her truths cut like surgical steel.”-Timothy Madden

“As a staunch Democrat, Iwas sure I would not find this book enlightening…I was wrong!”-Donna Weber

(A)Get inspiration and creative ideas from Americans-rich and poor, who are going the extra mile to help their fellow Americans.

(B)Connect with Authors in the book who are making a difference and help them help America by joining their causes and charities.

(C)Read letters from Americans who are willing to put political affiliation aside and be of service.

(D)Learn how to become thought provoking and expand your consciousness.


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