What’s A Fun Mystic?

Mysticism is defined in the dictionary and encyclopedia as a spiritual practice used to make contact with the divine. When I speak of the divine, I’m referring to one having a connection and experience with the invisible realm, the non-physical part of our human faculties and the world.

Some people think religion, spirituality and mysticism has to be dull and mundane. I am a fun mystic because having fun is the best way to connect with the divine. Regardless of how old one is, when we allow our inner child to play and have fun we connect to the divine because fun triggers the joy emotion. Our angels love fun and joy because it creates a union with them.
A mystic is one who is open to what’s seen and felt beyond our physical selves and faculties. I often have mystical experiences while taking showers. As the water from the shower cleanses and splashes off of my body I make room for new insights and wisdom that’s beyond the intellect. A mystic can gain knowledge and information that you can’t attain from universities.

Wearing fun, sexy, colorful clothing is a way to be a fun mystic. Hanging out in nature, singing, dancing, going to live shows, traveling and creating artistic things are ways to be a fun mystic. Always learning new things and being open to embracing new things make mysticism fun. Celebrating life is the way of the fun mystic.

Some people think being a mystic is an excuse to be obese, unhealthy and not take care of their bodies because they’ve convinced themselves that only their inner self is important. I feel your inner and outer selves are equally important. The healthier I am the more energy I have in my fun tank! A mystic’s physical body may age however their spirits are forever youthful and childlike. A mystic’s spirt and body will get old if they adopt the rules and beliefs of most cultures, religion, societies and families that stifle growth and transformation. True mystics step to their own inner beat.

Mystical experiences aren’t always explainable. Mystical experiences are personal and unique. Your experience is just that—your experience. Trying to get confirmation from others to validate your divine mystical experiences can cause you to not trust the powerful mystical experiences that are uniquely yours. It’s about trusting what is in harmony with who and what you are.

I have had experiences where I saw Jesus and angels riding with me in my car. I am comfortable now when others think I am batty or don’t believe my experiences because my mystical experiences are rich and fun. My friends in the invisible realm are always available to me and they don’t cancel hanging out with me because they think they’ve found a better offer.

Feel free to share your mystical experiences.

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