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Bad Mom Movie Review

August 15, 2016I am the original bad mom. In fact, I shouldn’t have been a mother. If I had an inkling of what I know now I would’ve joined an organization to become a big sister to children who needed a friend, confidante or tutor rather than giving birth. I was married and pregnant at age 17. I didn’t enjoy being pregnant and I didn’t enjoy motherhood. I was trying to be a nurturer to my son when I was a poor mother and nurturer to myself. I got caught up into having children because of religious, cultural and societal messages that say it’s “the thing” to do. I didn’t ponder that having a vagina and a uterus was giving me a ...

Colors Are Gifts

April 22, 2016Everything has a vibration, a frequency. Colors have vibrations that can help improve your mood and health. I call colors my friends because when people let me down I can always call on the array of colors to lift my spirit and remind me of the brightness that still exists in my life and the world.

What’s a Fun Mystic?

April 22, 2016Mysticism is defined in the dictionary and encyclopedia as a spiritual practice used to make contact with the divine. When I speak of the divine, I’m referring to one having a connection and experience with the invisible realm, the non-physical part of our human faculties and the world. Some people think religion, spirituality and mysticism has to be dull and mundane. I am a fun mystic because having fun is the best way to connect with the divine.

Is Donald Sterling Your Relative?

May 1, 2014The story about the Clipper’s owner, Donald Sterling’s racist remarks have many, of all races, seemingly irate and disgusted with his rhetoric. I am not defending Mr. Sterling’s racist views. I do wonder though, where and when it’s okay for us to have our private conversations, and have them protected because our discussions were meant for our private life and not our professional and or public life. Maybe you’re a saint, but I have said things in private that I wouldn’t want to be publicized. One can say, if a terrorist or murderer planned an attack and discussed it in their private life, and their motives were exposed, they should be held responsible for the possible threats even though they ...


November 1, 2012Seeing the late singer, Whitney Houston in the movie “Sparkle” wasn’t the reason I cried a river during the movie.   I could relate to Houston’s character as an over-bearing, fanatic religious mother.  Like my mother, Houston wanted to decide the destiny of what her daughter should be. American Idol’s season six winner Jordin Sparks plays Sparkle, Houston’s daughter, who has a dream to be a famous singer. Houston makes several attempts to kill her daughter’s passion and dream of being a singer.  Sparkle refused to give up and she fought her mom and finally freed herself. I transported myself into the movie screen and I became Sparkle. Sparkle’s determination to sing was just as strong as my conviction to speak ...


October 17, 2012“Are you madied?” I was often asked this during my visit to India. Getting married and being married seems to hold a lot of importance to women in India.  “I want my son to madie pretty,  light skin gurl who’s from rich prominent family,” one Indian woman said. She went on to talk about how sacred the union of marriage is to God. Only a petty God would care about the skin color, weight, wealth and prominence of his subjects who say, “I do.” Many marriages are based on frivolous prerequisites and then we have the audacity to say, “What God has yoked together let no man pull apart.” It doesn’t take much energy to pull something apart when there ...


October 17, 2012FIGHTING FOR FAMILY The New Jersey Housewives reality show took their dysfunction to a whole new level when a brawl broke out after Teresa Giudice’s brother called her “garbage” at a christening celebration. Okay, I expect adults on these types of reality shows to behave like jerks however to have a thug type street fight in the presence of young children was way off the chart. While watching the chaos I constantly asked myself, “What is the NEED for people to have relationships with toxic family members who disrespect them?” The word NEED is key here. We are programmed to believe that family is the most important thing there is to life because blood is thicker than water. The emotionally ...


October 17, 2012President Obama recently filed an Executive Order for Prosecutorial discretion ordering officials to not enforce immigration laws if illegal immigrants are enrolled in an education center or if their relatives have volunteered for the U.S. Military and for those who aren’t violent criminals. I feel the President has insulted millions of unemployed Americans who are searching for work with his Executive Order. Many Black people feel Obama has a personal interest in their welfare because of the color of his skin. His Executive Order giving illegal immigrants a pass is another fine example of him being a typical, pandering politician. Poor illegal immigrants flock to poor inner city neighborhoods causing more crime, crowded schools and loss of jobs for poor ...

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