Hillary: Your Husband is Bill “Deplorable” Clinton
Ce Ce Ferrari

Ce Ce Ferrari

Hi Hillary. I’m Ce Ce. I’m black and I am one of those 50% Trump supporters you called deplorable (irredeemable, disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, unworthy, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgiveable, despicable) because I don’t agree with illegal immigration. I am not a racist. I feel one of the beauties in America is that we invite people from all over the world to be a part of our country legally. I am against illegal immigration because I’ve personally witnessed the damage illegal immigration has caused the black community. There’s more crime, less jobs, wage decreases, housing costs have increased because of supply and demand, inner city schools are more crowded which adds to the illiteracy rate of poor black children and all poor American children.

It’s deplorable that you aid and abet illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants spoke at the 2016 DNC (Democratic National Convention). You are a pimp. All politicians are pimps however you’re the biggest one. You are pimping for the Latino vote. In a sense illegal immigrants’ votes do count because our elections are determined by the electoral college vote—not a popular vote. Illegal immigrants are counted because electoral votes are based on the number of people that are in districts that are based on the census. It doesn’t matter whether the people are legal or illegal citizens. With millions of illegal immigrants piled into poor communities your chances of winning electoral college votes are greater because they live in poor communities where people think republicans don’t care about them and democrats are their saviors so many poor people tend to vote democrat. If you cared about poor people you should be the politician who is against illegal immigration because it harms poor black people and all races of poor Americans.

It’s deplorable that you had black mothers wearing red corsages speak at the DNC who had children killed by police without showing mothers of all races who had children killed by police. Since 2015 to present, 1,502 people have been shot and killed by police. 732 were white, 381 were black and 382 were other races. Why did you ignore the pain of white mothers, Asian mothers, Latino mothers and other race mothers whose children were killed by police? You are a divider and you’re causing more harm to poor black communities by perpetuating the myth that police are only killing black people, mainly black men. How disingenuous of you!

Ce Ce Ferrari

Soon to be released!

Ce Ce Ferrari

Soon to be released!

I agree with Sister Souljah (a black activist) who said you talk down to black people. She equates you with being the slave master’s wife. When speaking to black audiences you seem to enjoy speaking about Jim Crow. You tell black people that republicans are sending them back to Jim Crow days because they feel citizens should have proof of identification in order to vote. You tell black people republicans are sending them back to Jim Crow days because some polling booths are closing. Black people are resourceful and if they want to go someplace they are capable of getting a ride. The government gives poor people healthcare, welfare, section 8 housing and other benefits so why is it a major stretch for poor black people to obtain a $15.00 identification card from the government?

It’s deplorable that while you were Secretary of State you weren’t aware of Chris Stevens 600 requests asking for more security at the Benghazi embassy. Your negligence attributed to the death of Chris Stevens and three other Americans who were killed in Benghazi during a terrorist attack.

It was deplorable for the nation who had to hear about your husband, former Bill Clinton’s DNA stain being found on Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress. Some parents felt it was deplorable that they had to explain the definition of oral sex to their six-year-old children because of your husband’s behavior in the Oval Office. Some find it deplorable that your husband was accused of several sexual harassment claims while President. Your daughter called Trump a “sexist.” Does she also feel her father is sexist?

It is deplorable that your staff Bleach-Bit your server to permanently erase your emails after you were subpoenaed. It is beyond deplorable that you had your staff break and hammer Blackberry devices with the hopes the trail of your emails would be gone forever. Hillary, you make mobster John Gotti seem like the J.V. (junior varsity) of mobsters. Hillary, you are gangsta!

It is deplorable that you criticized Trump for not immediately denouncing KKK (Ku Klux Klan) member David Duke. On Twitter you posted: On most campaigns there isn’t much ambiguity as to who the candidate does or doesn’t back. However, KKK Grand Dragon Will Quigg said he endorses you and he’s donated thousands of dollars to your campaign. Did you publicly denounce him as a result and give him his money back?

It is deplorable that you’ve taken hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and other countries who kill persecute and kill women and gay people while you publicly say you’re the champion for women and gay people.

It is deplorable that you call Trump and his supporters racist when you didn’t publicly also call your unveiled WikiLeaks emails from the Democrat National Committee racist. These emails stated that the get the vote campaign for Latinos is called, “Taco Bowl Engagement.” An email made fun of “Laqueenia” the name of a black businesswoman. Another leaked email showed an interest in using Bernie Sanders Jewish religion against him in the South. This is the kind of behavior you accuse and chastise Trump and republicans for. Where is the racism outcry from you?

It is deplorable that your husband played a modern day “emotional/mind” slave master when he recently publicly insinuated Trump’s slogan: Make America Great Again is racist. He said, “That message where I’ll give you America great again is, if you’re a white southerner—you know exactly what it means, don’t you? What it means is, I’ll give you an economy you had 50 years ago and I’ll move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down.” Granted, your husband publicly used this slogan several times in 1992 when he was campaigning. Apparently your husband doesn’t think much of black people either by using this tactic. Bill said this because his fear of more black people awakening to you are a wolf in sheep clothing and Trump is the sheep in wolf clothing. It is evil to use slavery and the Jim Crow movement to scare an already depressed, poor community of people that their fate is dependent on making Hillary, who is the biggest pimp, hypocrite and race baiter president.

Hillary, I was poor because I made poor choices. No white man nor any other kind of man or woman is stopping me has stopped me in 2016 from becoming or being anything I choose. I am a proud black American woman and I feel I have more opportunities because I am a black woman. You don’t enforce the greatness that my people are capable of. Instead you play into and perpetrate their smallness. This is eviler than anything I’ve heard Trump say or do. A great leader teaches people what they are capable of doing and being as a result of changing their poor habits to productive habits.

Of course there are some Trump supporters who are racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic and xenophobic. You must also accept that you have supporters who are the same.

I am a Trumpette however I call Trump out when his behavior is poor too. What you’ve said and done is worse than what Trump has said and done because you’re pretending to be a woman who you are not. You are a divider. You and your boss, Barack Hussein Obama seem to enjoy publicly dissing Americans however you make an effort to not offend Muslims and illegal immigrants. You are scarier than Trump because he’s more authentic than you are. I pray Donald J. Trump wins the 2016 presidential election.

I would like to know what you think? How do you feel?

Ce Ce Ferrari is a former Miami Metro Dade police officer and megawatt radio personality. She’s an author and transformational speaker.

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