What’s a Fun Mystic?

Mysticism is defined in the dictionary and encyclopedia as a spiritual practice used to make contact with the divine. When I speak of the divine, I’m referring to one having a connection and experience with the invisible realm, the non-physical part of our human faculties and the world. Some people think religion, spirituality and mysticism has to be dull and mundane. I am a fun mystic because having fun is the best way to connect with the divine.


“Are you madied?” I was often asked this during my visit to India. Getting married and being married seems to hold a lot of importance to women in India.  “I want my son to madie pretty,  light skin gurl who’s from rich prominent family,” one Indian woman said. She went on to talk about how sacred the union of marriage is to God. Only a petty God would care about the skin color, weight, wealth and prominence of his subjects who say, “I do.” Many marriages are based on frivolous prerequisites and then we have the audacity to say, “What God has yoked together let no man pull apart.” It doesn’t take much energy to pull something apart when there …