Bad Mom Movie Review

I am the original bad mom. In fact, I shouldn’t have been a mother. If I had an inkling of what I know now I would’ve joined an organization to become a big sister to children who needed a friend, confidante or tutor rather than giving birth. I was married and pregnant at age 17. I didn’t enjoy being pregnant and I didn’t enjoy motherhood. I was trying to be a nurturer to my son when I was a poor mother and nurturer to myself. I got caught up into having children because of religious, cultural and societal messages that say it’s “the thing” to do. I didn’t ponder that having a vagina and a uterus was giving me a …

Colors Are Gifts

Everything has a vibration, a frequency. Colors have vibrations that can help improve your mood and health. I call colors my friends because when people let me down I can always call on the array of colors to lift my spirit and remind me of the brightness that still exists in my life and the world.

What’s a Fun Mystic?

Mysticism is defined in the dictionary and encyclopedia as a spiritual practice used to make contact with the divine. When I speak of the divine, I’m referring to one having a connection and experience with the invisible realm, the non-physical part of our human faculties and the world. Some people think religion, spirituality and mysticism has to be dull and mundane. I am a fun mystic because having fun is the best way to connect with the divine.

Is Donald Sterling Your Relative?

The story about the Clipper’s owner, Donald Sterling’s racist remarks have many, of all races, seemingly irate and disgusted with his rhetoric. I am not defending Mr. Sterling’s racist views. I do wonder though, where and when it’s okay for us to have our private conversations, and have them protected because our discussions were meant for our private life and not our professional and or public life. Maybe you’re a saint, but I have said things in private that I wouldn’t want to be publicized. One can say, if a terrorist or murderer planned an attack and discussed it in their private life, and their motives were exposed, they should be held responsible for the possible threats even though they …