Colors Are Gifts

Everything has a vibration, a frequency. Colors have vibrations that can help improve your mood and health. I call colors my friends because when people let me down I can always call on the array of colors to lift my spirit and remind me of the brightness that still exists in my life and the world.

We have been told to wear black to funerals to respect the dead and their living loved ones. A spiritual teacher who is a medium said that it’s best to wear bright colors to funerals because black attracts dark, low vibrating energies. If you’re feeling depressed, sad or grieving then it’s best to wear bright colors. Wearing bright colors to funerals not only lift the spirits of grieving loved ones; they can also help the dead person’s spirit thrive and embrace the beauty of their new transition into the spirit realm.

Use the colors below to create your unique recipe for necessary health, healing, emotional and spiritual needs. You can wear solid colors for healing and happiness and you can also mix them up like the colors in the rainbow. Colors are gifts to us.

When you have a specific desire for what you would like for the colors to do for you, state it and ask for the specific color vibration to enter your mind, body and spirit. May you color yourself to health and joy!

RED:  Vibrant and full of life, love, passion, can also represent anger, excites and energizes, power, intensity, passion and sense of personal security.

ORANGE:  Abundance, warm, money, energetic, affection, warmth, sensuality, harmony, fun and magnetism.

YELLOW:  Bright, happy, joyful, the sunny sun, summer, optimism, idealism, hope, courage, personal power, courage and confidence.

GREEN:  Nature, the environment, health, love, youth, fertility, renewal, good luck, money and healing.

BLUE:  The symbolic meaning of peace, tranquility, color of cool water, soothing, represent trust, harmony, calm, communication and relaxing.

Indigo:  Inner mind, intuition, cosmic consciousness, quality and clarity of thoughts.

VIOLET:  Healing of mind body and spirit, higher consciousness, deep awareness, spirituality, connection to spirit.

PINK:  Tenderness, love, softness, femininity, spring, sweetness of life and sweetness of heart.

PURPLE:  Royalty, nobility, ceremony, spirituality, realm of mystery and mysticism, wisdom and enlightenment.

GOLD:  Wealth, endurance, power, higher knowledge, wisdom, royalty, sun energy, the lion, confidence, courage and masculine energy.

SILVER:  Money, coins, wealth, moon, feminine energy, intuition, imagination.

WHITE:  Innocence, purity, faith, peace, cleanliness, reverence, humility, cleansing mind, body and spirit.

BROWN:  Color of earth, fertile grounds, planting new seeds, connection to mother earth.

GRAY:  Infinite interpretations, good taste, a touch of formality, dignity and self-respect.

Black: Combo of all colors together, formal, elegance, power, sexuality, allure, mystery, mourning and darkness.

How have colors changed your health and the way you feel?

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