It took many years for me to understand words are things and thoughts are things. Caroline Myss is a spiritual teacher who teaches you to understand the power and dynamics of energy.  She has an audio program called “Energy Anatomy” that helped me to understand everything is energy before its matter. In our un-evolved world we focus on the physical reality because we trust what we can see, feel or touch. We are either afraid or dismiss the invisible realm.

Daily I hear people over use and misuse the words ‘hate’ and ‘hard.’ Hate is a strong word to be used so frivolously on things like, “I hate this kind of cup cake. I hate it when I don’t get a window seat on a plane. “I hate this kind of music.” The word hate is filled with venom and disdain. When we say the word ‘hate’ we store the vibration of hate in our subconscious and this causes us to hate often.

‘Hard’ is used for the simplest things. Humans can go to the moon however it’s hard for many to make simple changes and adjustments in their lives. When we say hard, our subconscious picks up that word and stores it and creates continuous hardships for us because the subconscious isn’t analytical. It does exactly what we tell it to do. I heard a woman say, “It’s just much harder to raise boys than girls. It’s hard to eat healthy. It’s hard to exercise. It’s hard to find another job.” Things are simple when we make a decision to do them and then follow through.

I wasn’t created to work hard or do anything hard. I often heard my parents say life is hard and it’s a struggle. As an adult I created hardships and struggles because this way of living was comfortable with me. When I changed my words and thoughts my life started to flow effortlessly and I entered the happy zone.

Instead of saying things are hard I say, “It’s a process or it’s challenging.” When I have challenges I visualize the challenges as strips of toilet paper that I can gently part and walk through.

My born again Christian co-worker believes her joy and happiness will start when she dies and goes to heaven because happiness on this planet is impossible because this is the Devil’s world. She has a need to create struggle, strife and hardships in her life to match her religious beliefs. If she created heaven on earth her religion would be obsolete.

I choose my reality by the messages I program into my subconscious. Hate is cancerous and hard is a curse word that’s used as an excuse to not be the best you can be. We can easily see something as hard or easy. By replacing the word ‘hate’ with I ‘prefer’ I lowered the amount of toxicity I store in my system.

Constantly using the words ‘hate’ and ‘hard’ is like eating junk food everyday.

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