President Obama recently filed an Executive Order for Prosecutorial discretion ordering officials to not enforce immigration laws if illegal immigrants are enrolled in an education center or if their relatives have volunteered for the U.S. Military and for those who aren’t violent criminals.

I feel the President has insulted millions of unemployed Americans who are searching for work with his Executive Order. Many Black people feel Obama has a personal interest in their welfare because of the color of his skin. His Executive Order giving illegal immigrants a pass is another fine example of him being a typical, pandering politician. Poor illegal immigrants flock to poor inner city neighborhoods causing more crime, crowded schools and loss of jobs for poor people. Obama’s interest for his Executive Order is for votes for 2012, not the concern for poor Black people.

Let’s say the Obama administration wanted to focus more on violent illegal immigrants, why the need for an Executive Order? This was a ploy to go public to generate support from Latino’s in 2012. He’s desperate to generate votes from Latino’s because his poll numbers with them has dropped 36 points since his election.

With the Executive Order I feel our President is rewarding poor behavior and announcing to the world its okay to come to this country illegally as long as you go to school or the military. Pandering politicians have watered down the special privilege of becoming a U. S. citizen. I feel his behavior is shameful and disgraceful to Border States who are suffering as a result of massive illegal immigration.

I am disappointed when I hear Democrats support his Executive Order. Democrats, Republicans, Independents and every U.S. citizen should rise up and say ‘no’ to Obama’s Executive Order. I could accept his Executive Order if he included E-Verify becoming a national law and he was committed to prosecuting employers hiring illegal immigrants.  E-Verify would initiate self deportation because illegal immigrants would have a difficult time getting jobs.

I felt the same way about President Bush and any politician who rewards poor behavior by aiding and abetting illegal immigrants.  Integrity is not based on sex, race or political party affiliation or whether the politician says they believe in God.  I am happy Obama is President because more Americans are slowly beginning to grasp this concept.

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